The books im waiting on

The serpents shadow (Kane Chronicles, book 3)- Rick Riordan

Bitterblue (Seven Kingdoms Trilogy, book 3)-Kristin Cashore

The Last Guardian (Artemis Fowl, book 8)-Eoin Colfer

The Enchantress (Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, book 6)-Michael Scott

The Kill Order (Maze Runner)-James Dashner

Blood of the Emperor (Annals of Drakis, book 3)-Tracy Hickman

Just to name a few lol




Good Question

I recently started reading a lot more Weis and Hickman books. One series that I now love and wait for is The Annals Of Drakis. Its a truly awesome read. It is pretty much a take of what if elves ran things and had all the power. How would it be without your normal stereotypical ruling races.

What is the best book series you ever read?

This is a real tough question for me and i imagine a lot of others. If i just choose trilogy I would say(hunger games or maze runner) keep in mind they are fresh in my gourd at the moment. If i say any kind of series I think i would go with(R A Salvatores dark elf books from forgotten realms or possibly Rick Riordens rangers apprentice series) Let me know how u weigh in on this